Ceylon bean and leaf

Ceylon Bean and Leaf is a company that specializes in unorthodox tea and coffee blends. The company was created by an experienced tea taster, who has been in the industry for over three decades. Their way of doing business revolves around simplicity without compromising quality. The company focuses on a niche market and therefore desired to involve their product in their customers' lifestyles.

Project Brief


When Ceylon Bean and Leaf was merely a startup, their novelty held them back from entering a very competitive market. Their main point of focus was to create a simple yet unique logo that can make a lasting impact. They had several requirements as it needed to be merchandised.

Brand positioning

We were quick to identify that this brand tended to a niche market. When considering the quality of the product and the company’s vision, it was clear that this is an upmarket brand that had to be targeted to the middle and upper classes in society. Moreover, Ceylon Bean and Leaf aspired to give their clientele an extraordinary experience through their products. Therefore, noted the brand’s market position and designed every component of this project with the target audience’s mindset and preferences in mind.  

Idea generation and execution

After considering the company’s vision, requirements and conducting thorough research our team came up with a few concepts. After a discussion on the specifics of the company, we decided to develop the logo. We took the main idea from the company name, which is bean and leaf. So we designed the logo around the tea leaf and coffee bean concept.

After finalizing the design, the challenge was to choose colors. There were several choices, but we decided to go with the natural colors of the elements we used in the logo and keep it as simple as possible. Also, we were concerned with one-color applications of the logo as a brand. Therefore we tested the logo in different scenarios and different packaging types. Other than that we tested designs on stationaries, sticker-type materials, and even billboards