Flex team was determined to build their business to be a reliable courier company in UK. When reaching out to us, they were trying to make their way into a very competitive market as a new business and acquire a decent market segment. The company was formed by two professionals who collectively have over 35 years of experience in the industry. Their knowledge and experiences were unmatched and were sufficient to run the company successfully. The duo was well aware of where they wanted to position their business, and we were tasked with designing the campaign to put their plan in motion.

Project Brief

Brand Positioning

Flex’s target market is small to medium enterprises. The main problem that they were struggling with was affordability and quality of package handling. They had planned to expand to three major cities within three months as their market analysis showed that their potential customer base was rocketing. Hence why the management was very concerned about the branding because they had planned to use a range of marketing methods across various platforms.

Design execution

After evaluating Flex’s competition, we decided to design a logo with a high emphasis on the company’s name “FLEX” as it would straighten out the branding process. Furthermore, since the competition is high, using the name within the logo allows people to recognize and remember it well. Based on these ideas, we used relevant shapes and elements to indicate the reliability and quality of the brand’s service.

As for the colour palette, our team used bright and vibrant colors, which could also be utilized as the brand’s colours in their future marketing and branding campaigns. We paid a lot of attention to the noticeability of this logo. Every aspect from branding their stationery and vehicles to billboard marketing campaigns were considered when choosing colors.

When it comes to the color pallet, we used bright and vibrant colors, which can also be used as brand colors in the future for their marketing and branding campaigns. We paid a lot of attention to the noticeability of this logo.