Mountain Wolf

MOUNTAIN WOLF is a hunting equipment store/brand that has been around for over two decades. The company’s directors wanted to reinvent the brand, and with the lengthy experience they had gathered, the client knew exactly what they wanted from this revamp. They already had a substantial clientele and were one of the biggest stores in the sector.

Project Brief

Requirement and Positioning

Hunters of all ages visited their store, with the majority of them being loyal customers during the past years. As per the client’s wishes, the branding needed to be modern, yet it should appeal to the existing clients. Their store was to go through a complete renovation alongside the rebranding process as well. Therefore, the branding has to be focused on many important areas like store atmosphere, boards, hunting equipment, stationery, among other things.


After conducting an extensive research that consumed a few weeks, our team had approximately a dozen ideas for the logo. We subsequently narrowed it down to a couple before presenting it to the client. Amid the project, we learned that hunters often come across wolves during their hunting trips but would not harm them. Taking inspirations from that interesting story, we brought the idea to life by using the shape of a paw. As the other branding materials and the store had an overall dark theme, we used a shade of ivory as the main color.

After researching a couple of weeks we had over ten ideas for the logo. Then we narrow it down to a couple, and the client chooses this design.