Poland Pet Care

Poland Pet Care was still a startup business when we got to know them. They’re a team of specialized professionals in pet care, whose main focus is on cats. They had just opened two branches in two of Poland’s main cities. This organization concentrated on solving a common problem with pet owners—taking care of their pets while they’re busy with work.

Project Brief

Positioning & Requirements

Poland Pet Care’s target maret was working professionals with pets. Such people would want good and trustworthy carers for their pets while they’re away. The client’s main focal point was conveying that atmosphere to their customers through the logo. Therefore, we had to figure out a way to portray emotions like love and care via the design.

This company had some prominent competitors, some of whom had been in the business for several decades. Therefore, our team had to work knowing that it was a major challenge to claim their position in the market. Nevertheless, we brainstormed ideas for the branding campaign, including the logo.  



It was a few days before we finalized a logo idea because there were some exigent demands. Three aspects were prioritized when designing the logo.

  1. Feelings/Emotions 
  2. Competition
  3. Target Market

We included a human element in the logo, which was portrayed by showing a man hugging a cat. It fulfilled the emotional aspect by displaying the act of loving and caring. Our team used the negative space technique to bring out the cat in the logo. The client had a certain colour palette in mind, and we included it with a slightly dark scheme for this brand. Our initial research found that the usage of darker colours in marketing was quite popular in Poland. Therefore, considering the geographical aspect, our colour scheme was ideal. On top of that, we also take into account other elements like article publication, magazine ads, social media campaigns, and stationery designing when choosing colours.

It’s popular to use a bit dark colors in marketing in Poland, so we considered the geographical aspect as well. Other than that publishing articles and ads in magazines, social media campaigns, and designing stationaries is also considered when choosing colors