Digital Marketing

The internet era has created a plethora of new prospects for businesses. While individuals may use social media for personal reasons like posting a birthday photo or announcing their engagement, businesses can utilize social media platforms to multiply their profits by reaching and winning over wider markets. The opportunities provided by social media are endless, quite literally. The speed and ease with which digital media distributes information and helps businesses grow is incredible.


Branding is a crucial, yet misunderstood topic. In addition to a logo, business cards and other materialistic and visual aids, our experience suggests that branding is a gut feeling of sorts that a person has, when they hear or see the name or logo of a specific brand. When branding is done meticulously, the client gains a sense of the quality of the product or service even before the purchase. This could be a lengthy process, but we can and will help you to bring out the best version of your business as a brand. With TRIGGERICON, you can perfectly lay out the initial foundation, which is paramount.

Our expert team consists of planners, designers and evaluators, who, as a team, strive to make sure our clients receive the best outcome there is. We focus on timeless and world-class designs, which can be displayed anywhere.

Web Design

The digital era has arrived at a point where websites bring in countless benefits. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of developers and UI/UX designers make certain that your website is built in an outstanding manner, which will in turn bring the brand into the spotlight. A website could open up numerous windows of opportunity in the expansion of a business. With us, you can relax, knowing that you’re not missing out on anything while establishing a world-class online presence.

Our desire is to craft your website incorporating the best technologies, which will ensure its flawless functioning. Furthermore, we prioritize user interface and the experience of the website. Our experts guarantee confusion-free navigation and a pleasing experience for every user.

Photo & Videography

On top of showcasing your product or service somewhere, photos can be used to tell the story behind your business. A business’s sustenance depends on its story and what it stands for, and we believe photos and videos will do just that.


Other Services

Content Creation - Graphic Designing

We are keen to provide you with an end-to-end digital solution. Since content creation is a critical aspect of this digital journey, we take over that as well. Our team can make sure that you have the most updated, attractive and relevant content on your digital platforms. Our marketing team and designing experts work together and bring high quality content to support the marketing goals. This includes graphic designing, photos, and videos, among other media. 

Content Writing​

Content writing appears to be underrated despite it being one of the key areas of digital marketing. The published content has to be brief, informative and must manage to grab the reader’s attention within a few seconds. Our expert panel of writers take on the responsibility of writing pieces that create conversations with readers, while also adding value and bringing attention to the content. 

Website Security​

A website has to be a secured virtual venue and its security shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a business, data security is crucial and it should be done while respecting the visitors’ privacy. Our cyber security plans provide the best security system possible to ensure that your website and its visitors are not vulnerable.

Application Developing

On some occasions, businesses have to operate via a mobile application or a specific program. We take over that burden and our expert team will make sure that you get the best version of the application, which will bring you one step closer to success.