The internet era has created a plethora of new prospects for businesses. While individuals may use social media for personal reasons like posting a birthday photo or announcing their engagement, businesses can utilize social media platforms to multiply their profits by reaching and winning over wider markets. The opportunities provided by social media are endless, quite literally. The speed and ease with which digital media distributes information and helps businesses grow is incredible.

The word “digital marketing” refers to the targeted, quantifiable, and interactive marketing of products or services through the use of digital technology to reach viewers, convert them into customers, and keep them. Furthermore, digital marketing opens new doors for your business while facilitating its expansion.

Traditional marketing entailed firms selling their products or services using print media, radio and television advertisements, business cards, billboards, and a variety of other comparable methods that simply did not use the internet or social media websites for promotional purposes. Traditional marketing tools had a restricted reach to customers and a limited capacity to influence their purchasing behavior. Digital marketing, on the other hand, accomplishes the goals of marketing using various internet platforms and is capable of reaching global markets.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a business can utilize to expand growth and widen its reach. Our experts ensure that you will not miss a single opportunity in taking your business to the next level. Social media platforms can be used for different purposes, and therefore, we design the ideal plan by strategizing your strengths. The versatility of social media paves the way for heaps of opportunities for your business to accomplish its goals.

Google Ads and Analytics

Google Ads is another significant tool used in the current business world. When used accurately, it can even allow a business to reach a customer in the opposite end of the world. Google search engine is the most popular and frequently used platform because of its effectiveness and goal-orientedness. The ability to advertise your services on the most used search engine in the world opens floodgates to grow your business globally.


Re-targeting is one of the most prominent aspects of successful digital marketing. It is done by tracking website visits, social media pages, blogs, vlogs and so on, and targeting them by advertising specifically for them. With a proven success rate of over 90%, this method will ensure that you will approach the ideal audience and re-target every one of them to add to your revenue.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a performance measuring tool that is directly connected with the website and other platforms, which allows you to analyse data and understand your clientele better. Moreover, analytics can be used to measure and evaluate the progress and results of Google Ad campaigns.

We use advanced systems and tools integrated with Google Analytics to make sure you get the optimum output from the campaigns. Experts at TRIGGERICON utilize past data and advanced algorithm patterns to forecast the next best move for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO plays a significant role in ranking your website in search engine results, and when done correctly, it escalates the quality and the quantity of the traffic reaching the website. It is accomplished by increasing the visibility of your business on search engines and other related platforms. SEO elevates the number of potential customers directed to your website and is an exceptional way to reach larger markets.

Our objective is to provide the best and most ideal solution for your business and aid you in the process of achieving your missions. You can rest assured that our experienced team will handle every aspect of the campaign in an orderly manner. In this day and age, SEO is an essential marketing tool, which can yield endless opportunities.

Email Marketing

Unlike SEO, email marketing has been around for a while. However, most businesses don’t exploit its advantages. Marketing through emails is a brilliant and successful technique to create a recurring customer base. It targets people who are interested in your business niche and lets them know about offers, new product launches, among other things.

It may sound simple, but reality is far from it. Email marketing is not merely about sending out a generic email to a crowd at once. Instead, it’s a task that demands out of the box thinking, advanced skills and knowledge and an in-depth comprehension of marketing and customer behaviour. At TRIGGERICON, we have recruited experts in the aforementioned area to work with our clients and craft the best possible campaign for their products or services.
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