ZIAFFAY is a luxury clothing brand that has business points all around the world. The company was formed by three professional fashion designers, and their goal is to design limited-edition high-end clothing. Their team designs everything from simple t-shirts to sophisticated dresses. Their use of high-end and exclusive materials is also a key marketing point of highlight.

Project Brief


The directors of the company requested a design that emphasizes the brand name and required a font that is exclusive to the brand. Moreover, they desired clean and minimalistic colors. ZIAFFAY’s logo had to be printed on several surfaces and materials, and therefore, we made sure our design fulfilled all the requirements of the client.


Market Positioning

ZIAFFAY is a luxury brand that targets high-end professionals who wear smart casual outfits and designer clothing. The brand originated in France and has since expanded to the global market (shipping worldwide). They have developed a unique mechanism with the help of modern technology to custom-make clothes for anyone living anywhere in the world.

Our task was to create a branding campaign to target the exact market segment.



Despite having several concepts for this logo, we opted for simplicity and elegance, given the brand’s opulent nature. After conducting the initial market research and carefully understanding the brand’s vision, we designed a logo inspired by the brand name.

We custom-made a font for this project and used it for the logo, emphasizing on the sharply pronounced letters of the name. Furthermore, we took future variables into account and ensured that this logo can be used for at least three to four decades without losing brand value and changing any design aspects.

There were a lot of concepts for this logo, but we wanted it to be simple as possible. After the market research and understanding the brand’s vision, we wanted to design a logo inspired by the brand name.